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Keep “Digital farming in mind” – Bayer Monsanto deal

Bayer has a plan, don’t underestimate what they do in this area.

Why Drones Are Finding a Home on the Farm
Bayer to aquire Monsanto

Smart move from my perspective, an investment in the future of Bayer beside Aspirin.

Google adopts EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework

Great news for all Google Apps for Work and Google Cloud platform customers.
On 29th of August 2016, Google submitted the certification of adherence to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework.

The Privacy Shield establishes a new way to comply with European Union data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU to the United States during transatlantic commerce.

Google’s certificate will soon be accessible here:

Read more about Googles certification request here: Google for Work Blog


Facebook At Work Gets Its Own Version Of Messenger With Debut of “Work Chat”

Facebook at Work, has now its own chat client as well.
The application debuted on the Google Play store on Thursday. Facebook told the iOS version is in the works, and will arrive soon. The company would not provide an exact launch date.

Get the App here:

What’s Facebook at Work?

Facebook at Work lets users create a work account that is separate from the personal Facebook account.

People can use Facebook tools to interact with coworkers. Things they share using the work account will only be visible to other people within the company.

Companies can signup for Facebook at Work here:

Techcrunch about Facebook’s Work Chat

“The App Show” Learn how to use Google Apps

The weekly Videos on Google’s Youtube channel are a great way to learn new tricks and tips on how to use Google Apps with Googlers Debbie and John. It takes only 5 minutes. and you have fun while doing it.

Here a list of my personal favorites, especially for Small businesses or young start-ups using Google Apps for Work to run their business

How Sales Works @Google with Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts

Recruiting Best Practices with Sheets, Drive, Gmail, Forms

Operations Management | Docs, Sheets, Slides

Gmail tips for busy Assistants (and their Managers)

Team Collaboration with Google Apps

Launch a new product and engage Your Company’s Community

Hangouts New features

Project Management with Docs, Keep, Sheets, Calendar

Google Drive explained

On-boarding new hires

How to use Google’s Inbox like a Pro

Travel and business trips with Google Apps

Stay organized as an Administrative Assistant

Meetings, Calendar Hangouts

Google Groups

How to search in Google Mail

Forms Updates / Collect feedback on products or services

Microsoft Office Plugin for Google Drive

Link to “The App Show” on Youtube – All videos



Addicted to Star Wars? Now Gmail is ready

As anticipation for next month’s Star Wars release, Google is asking users to pick a side in the upcoming battle.

Great stuff for all Star Wars fans, you can now select the light or the dark side and Google Apps is turning the Gmail loading bar into a lightsaber and starts using images from The Force Awakens as backgrounds in new tabs on Chrome.

In addition once a side has been selected, Easter eggs are added to Google apps.

Check it out here: