How Google sees Accenture’s aquisition of Cloud Sherpas

On 15th of September 2015, Accenture announced that they bought Cloud Sherpas one of the most successful Google Apps for Work partners with 1100 employees.

Accenture will be using Cloud Sherpas to launch a new cloud business practice with Accenture’s Cloud First Applications team.

Google sees this exit as a big validation for Google’s ability to build a big ecosystem of partners to sell and support its enterprise products. That’s a relatively new phenom for the search giant.

Google for Work president Amit Singh emailed this statement to Business Insider UK about the deal:

We’ve always believed the cloud can be transformative for any business, and Accenture’s move to combine Cloud Sherpas with its substantial cloud business validates this, and shows further proof of Google’s incredible momentum in this market.

And a Google spokesperson said, “It’s amazing credibility for cloud services in enterprise. We believe it also shows our Google for Work Partner Program business model can create a self-sustaining industry for startups creating businesses around it.”

But the lion’s share of the Cloud Sherpas acquisition is in the Salesforce implementation domain, Accenture wants to grow Salesforce consulting services.

Whatever happens, I hope they take care of Cloud Sherpas excellent Google Apps for Work division, especially if you know that Accenture is a huge partner of Microsoft running Avanade as a joint venture for Office 365 and digital workplace services (Avanade)

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