Windows 10 is here

If you want a very detailed breakdown of Windows 10 on a feature-by-feature basis, then you should definitely read Tom Warren’s article published on

Key news

  • The start menu returns
  • Hot corners in Windows 8 have been removed
  • Task view (like mission control on the Mac, displays all open windows at a glance)
  • Virtual desktops (create different virtual desktops with different apps running on it)
  • Cortana virtual assistant (like Apple’s Siri)
  • Edge Browser (Internet Explorer still exists in Windows 10)
  • New Mail App (Microsoft has taken a lot of features from it’s aquisition of Acompli, including Google Calendar support)

Windows 10 Review by Tom Warren

Windows 10 is a great fix to the problems of Windows 8, thats exactly what most users expected.

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