Google Apps for Work or Office 365, Large companies with rusty organizational structures should choose the more disruptive collaboration suite’s latest survey comparing the usage, adoption and effectiveness of Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 comes up with an interesting finding.

It found that bigger, older companies tend to use Office 365, while smaller and younger companies tend to use Google Apps.

But it should be the other way around in large companies

If managers don’t understand the whole big picture, what collaboration services can really change within their company, large companies always tend to Office 365 because it is supposed to be the smooth way without user resistance and technology which is not very disruptive.

But that’s the point, only disruptive technology will enforce your users to change their work styles. Give them the old tools and they will stick on the old rusty work culture.

Especially large companies in old and traditional industries like Banking, Steel, the Oil business or in Insurance should do it the other way around!

Those old companies with internal structures full of bureaucracy, slow decision making processes and less innovation oriented work environments could benefit most from choosing disruptive technology.

Better Cloud Survey, 8th July 2015: Google Apps vs Office 365: Comparing the Usage, Adoption & Effectiveness of Cloud IT’s Power Players

Don’t stick to your old work culture!


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