Time recording anytime-anywhere / Go “mobile” and employees will submit timesheets on time

A simple use case to get more out of your corporate Smartphones and Tablets

“Mobile” could be the key for many companies to motivate employees submitting their timesheets on time. Nobody likes the weekly or in some companies daily process of work time recording. Users have to start their laptop or login to their PC to submit their timesheets in the classic way like they did 20 years ago. Ensure that your time recording process is remote accessible for everyone in the company from any device. Give your users the possiblity to report times directly from their Smartphone or Tablet. Three key success factors will improve the quality of data reported by your employees

  • Easy accessible time recording process Make it available on mobile devices for everyone in your company People should be able to record their anywhere anytime (Airport, Hotel, Subway, …) Submitting timesheets is not a task which people like to do.
  • Easy to track, edit and enter UI optimized for small screens on Smartphones/Tablets, less large buttons to easily use it on mobile devices
  • Automation of time tracking Let users integrate their calendars, the software should be able to automatically pull in project meetings, customer appointments, workshops as potential billable time

Make submitting time sheets as easy as possible for your employees and you will be rewarded with improved data quality of timesheets.

Go “Mobile” with your time recording software, people will love it.

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