Sway – a great brand new authoring App

Who does not know the situation where you have to build a fancy looking business presentation without having the time for endless Powerpoint formatting.

For me that’s the moment where Sway could step up to the plate.

I would not say that it’s able to replace Powerpoint today but it makes live easier in many situations for simple online content publishing.

Sway could help to easily create and share an interactive web-based canvas of ideas.

In any case consider that Sway is still under development. Yes, it’s already official part of Office 365 but there is a lot of room for improvement.

At Microsoft Ignite 2015, I had the chance to visit a great session from David Alexander, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Check out the video of the session to get a better understanding what Sway can do for you: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Ignite/2015/BRK2104

Here are some suggestions I found for myself when using Sway:

  • At the moment writing text, offers very basic functionalities. Give us more text formatting options to change fonts, font size in special areas of text fields etc.
  • Convert to PDF or other export to file options / Yes I know that this is against the online sharing principle but sometimes it’s still a requirement to have a file/document locally stored on your devices
  • More privacy settings /I don’t want people to be able to share my presentation on social media, nor give out the link or embedded code of the presentation
  • Sway should be available in the Skype document chat. That would make it easy to work together with others on a Sway

For me Sway is a great product with a promising future.

It’s still the beginning of the journey and it’s not perfect today but everybody who spent hours in Powerpoint formatting will love it.

Try it out for yourself at https://sway.com/ or login to your Office 365.

After testing Sway you can place your suggestions for improvment to the Sway development team here:



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